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Finding the Perfect Color for Your Walls…

Selecting a paint color for your walls can be a daunting task. With all of the options in the color spectrum, how will you ever be able to choose the right one? We hope to give you some helpful hints to make the decision easier.  

Neutrals with pops of color

Painting for Staging your home:
 When staging, the goal is to sell your home and so it is wise to appeal to the masses. This is why neutrals are so often utilized in staged homes. They are unobtrusive, practical, and easy to live with. It is important to point out that off-white or shades of white should not be considered in the neutral category. It can come across as cold or sterile, which is not what you want a possible buyer to feel when they enter your home. (Note – White can be pulled off if you are furnishing in shades of white or doing a theme with white). We recommend that you lean towards warmer neutrals. If you fear that your home will be too boring with all of these quiet shades, keep in mind that you can incorporate statement colors with accessories and artwork.


Our new office reflects our rust, brown and blue logo colors

 Painting for Interior Design:

 When selecting paint for your interiors, consider your favorite colors and shades. If you are having difficulty figuring out this color, take a peek inside your closet and see what colors you wear the most as well as what colors are repeated in your accessories. Do you like warm or cool colors? What is your favorite gemstone? Do prefer a calming interior or one that makes a bold statement to reflect your personality? Surround yourself with colors that evoke happiness for you.

If you are determined to paint a vibrant or bold color, they are often most successful in powder rooms, dining rooms, or as an accent wall. Accent walls are grounding and are commonly applied on a wall with a couch, bed, or large piece of furniture against it.


Staging and Designing your home with Paint Colors

 A trip to your local home improvement store can be overwhelming. Who knew there were so many shades of beige? Be aware that your eyes can be tricked by the paint chips. What may seem like a cheerful color to you on a small square may be incredibly bright on an entire wall. Choose wisely and do not select just one. Most home improvement stores allow you to get small samples of paint (approximately $3-$5 each), which is highly recommended before you purchase three buckets of paint that you may not be pleased with after you get home.

Further Tips

  • Keep in mind that it is a good rule to have colors flow naturally from room to room. Otherwise, too many disjointed colors create an atmosphere that is jumpy.
  • Paint just a portion of your wall or a large piece of poster board and tape it to the surface. This way, you are able to see the color on a larger scale and be able to better imagine what it will look like on the entire surface before doing all of the work.
  • Observe how it looks through different times of the day and with whatever extra lighting you will use.

  Still feel confused about what color to select?  Triangle Home Staging and Design  is happy to aid you with your staging and interior design needs. You can contact us either by e-mail or phone: 0r 919.324.2225.  Please visit us at and see what is happening on our Facebook Fan Page