Raleigh’s 2008 Parade of Homes is here.

The 43rd annual Parade of Homes for Wake County in Raleigh, NC is just around the corner.  It is a great time and opportunity to look at new trends, get ideas or find the right builder for you.  The Parade of Home dates are:  October 4-5, October 10-12, and October 17-19, 2008.  All the homes will be open from 12 pm – 5 pm.  For more information go to The Home Builders Associsation website or get your parade book when it comes out.

Our Company Lasting Impressions Staging & Design with the help from our new partnership with Well Dressed Homes (more on our new partnership to come) will help showcase several homes this year.  Please be sure to stop in and tour these homes.

 504 Transylvania, Raleigh NC, we had the pleasure on working on this project from the very beginning.

Photo Slide Show

Copper Leaf Lot 6 and Lot 64, Cary, NC

The Registry at Bailey’s Farm, Raleigh, NC 

Highcroft in Cary, NC

Fallon Park, Raleigh,  NC

Bay Bridge Park, Raleigh NC

Weycroft, Cary, NC

Kitts Creek, Cary, NC

Look for us under our new name Triangle Staging & Design


Which Home Improvements offer the best return for your money?

August is a time of planning.  Kids are back to school and summer is winding down.  Many Homeowners start thinking about projects to do around the house.  Whether you are planning to sell your home this fall or just want to make improvements for you to enjoy it’s a good idea to pick those projects that will get you the best return on the money you spend. Deciding where to focus your time can be difficult and it’s best to consider your options:

1. Exterior:  Fall is the best time of the year to focus on your landscape plan.  Now is the time to focus on Curb Appeal.  Are your trees and shrubs so over grown that you can not see you home?  Foundation plantings frame the home.  If they are so mature and overgrown, trimming them down or thinning them out and adding some smaller plantings is a good idea.  Define your foundation with mulch beds, which also help frame your house and be sure to add color when planting this Fall.

2. Interior:  The cold days of winter are around the corner and you will be spending a lot of time inside.  Walk through your home objectively and ask yourself “Could my home use some updating”.  It is easy when we live in a home to not pay attention to the floral wall paper that went out of style 5 years ago.  Consider Painting to add a modern, but yet cozy feel to your home.  A new paint color it the most inexpensive way to update a room.  Which room to update?  Always start with the Kitchen and Baths and work out from there.  Even changing your kitchen hardware can make a huge difference.  If it’s not in the budget to change a lighting fixture, a can of spray paint can do the trick.

If you don’t know where to start and would like additional ideas, we would be happy to provide you a plan of how to update your entire home with simple inexpensive ideas that you can do yourself.  Visit us at www.RaleighStager.com for a consultation

In Home Gain’s Prepare-to-Sell study, real estate agents said that it is the small improvements that pay the biggest dividends when a home is sold. The following is a summary of the results of Home Gain’s 2007 national survey, based on the ten areas of home improvement identified by real estate agents in Home Gain’s original survey in 2003.


Typical Cost

Price Increase

Return on

% of Agents


Lighten & brighten

$233 – 370

$1,178 – 1,566



Clean and de-clutter

$190 – 318

$1,505 – 1,937



Landscape front/back yards

$378 – 546

$1,718 – 2,158



Stage home for sale

$403 – 584

$1,938 – 2,431



Repair electrical or plumbing

$436 – 621

$1,205 – 1,590



Repair damaged flooring

$628 – 878

$1,633 – 2,061



Update kitchen & bathrooms

$1,404 – 1,828

$3,216 – 3,934



Replace or shampoo carpeting

$562 – 808

$1,532 – 1,950



Paint exterior walls

$663 – 938

$1,757 – 2,205



Paint interior walls

$651 – 920

$1,741 – 2,179



Home Gain surveyed over 2,000 real estate agents in each of the U.S. regions. All agents might not necessarily agree on the same pre-sale strategy. See”% of agents recommending“column above. Differences of opinions may vary based on the climate of the market, region of the country or condition of the home in question. The percentage of agents that agree on the positive impact of a particular pre-sale activity is summarized here.

Staging Your Raleigh Home, Don’t miss your best opportunity to Sell!

Your best window of opportunity to sell your home is within the first few weeks of listing it on the MLS. That is when Home Buyer’s interest is at it’s best and Real Estate Agents are previewing new properties for their Clients. A common theme that I have heard lately from sellers, “we are going wait and see what happens before we make any improvements or consider home staging”. Postponing necessary improvements or Staging your property you could miss the best, and maybe only opportunity, for a full price contract. Days on the market can directly correlate with what a buyer is willing to offer. As a seller you have to consider the carrying costs of the property as well. Considering Home Staging upfront can help alleviate longer carrying costs and ensure that you get top dollar for your investment.

1. Frist Impressions:
You don’t get a second chance to make a First Impression with your Buyer. Once they have seen your property and it does not spark an interest, they will mark it off the list of possibles and move on to the next listing.

2. Property Presentation
Staging your Raleigh Home before it hits the market will get you the best possible Internet photos. Since 73% of home buyers look on the Internet before viewing a property it is important to capture your property in the best light. We are Professional Home Stagers who can create photo ready rooms in a matter of hours. We can even provide the pictures for your Real Estate Agent to Use with the listing.

3. Increase your showings:
Agents will show a professionally staged property over one that has not been staged. Agents know buyers will be more inclined make an offer on a home that is in show condition. More showings means selling faster and at a better price.

4. Longer DOM, leads to lower offers:
Studies show that the longer your home stays on the market the lower the selling price will actually be. Staging your home is much less than your first price reduction.

Positioning your property with Home Staging, your “largest investment” from the beginning will ensure a greater return, faster than the wait and see approach. Home staging does not have to cost a lot of money. For as little as $250.00 the price of a staging consultation, and some sweat equity on your part, you can make an impact on your home. If you don’t have the time to make the neccessary changes we can help you, organize, pre-pack, de-clutter and stage your home ranging from $450 to $800 depending on the property. Contact us at http://www.raleighstager.com

Get Ready, Get Staged and Get Sold!

Spring is upon us in the Triangle and The Real Estate Market is picking up, but are you ready?  Now is the time to think about Staging your home, don’t let your home sit on the market for months before you think about Staging it.  The best time to Stage your home is before it is listed.  It is prooven that 87 percent of buyers preview homes on the internet, so make sure your photos work for you not against you!

There are many simple tips you can do yourself to prepare your home for the Real Estate Market:

Start from the Outside-In:  Creating curb appeal can sometimes be the most important factor when selling your home.  You have to get the buyer through the front door first!  Now is the time to Clean-up and Freshen Up!   At the very minimum make sure your entrance shines.  Have colorful planters with blooming flowers and a new welcome mat.  These are very inexpensive ways to say welcome to your new home.  Creating flower beds near the front door and adding fresh mulch can make a dramatic difference from the street and entice buyers to see more.  Over grown shrubs and less then desirable lawns will give the buyers the impression of an unkept home overall.  Make the First Impression of your home a Lasting Impression!  Don’t know where to start?  Contact us for help!

Get Rid of Clutter!- Once you have gone through the entire house to de-clutter, than go back de-clutter some more!  Pack away smaller accessories and collections.  As a rule of thumb, I always recommend packing it away If it’s smaller than a football and unless you are decorating a sports bar, pack away the football too!  Don’t forget about the closets.  Full closets will send a message to the buyer that there is not enough storage in the home.  The fact is we all have way too many things and we don’t want the buyer to see how many shoes and clothes we have, but the storage space that is in the closet.  Check out the examples below:

 Closet BeforeCloset After

Everything that is necessary is still left in the closet, but the rest has been pack away in order to show how big the closets are.  The best part is when moving time comes it will be a breeze!

Don’t know where to start, can’t find the time or you just can not see beyond your own things, then hire a Professional Home Stager to help you get started!  As Professional Home Stagers we can stage your home to sell using your things correctly placing furniture and accessories to enhance and highlight your properties features.  Make sure buyers can see beyond your things and the over grown shrubs out front! Curb appeal and de-cluttering are simple inexpensive ways for you to get you home ready for a SALE!